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Belara 21 tabs 0.03/2mg

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Before taking Belara Before you start taking Belara, your doctor should perform an exam contraindications and precautions, decide if Belara is right for you. East The exam must be done once a year while you are taking Belara.

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  What is Belara and what is it used for?  Belara is a hormonal contraceptive that must be taken orally. The  Oral contraceptives that contain two hormones such as Belara are also  called "combined oral contraceptives" (ACO). The 21 coated tablets  Active pink color of the case for one cycle, all contain the same amount  of hormones and therefore Belara is also called a "monophasic preparation".  Due to the special (androgenic) properties of its active substances  Belara is also indicated in the treatment of moderate acne in women who  they require oral contraception.  Oral contraceptives such as Belara will not protect against AIDS (infection  HIV) or other sexually transmitted diseases. Only condoms can help  with this.

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