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Betnovate Betamethasone Cream 40 g Limit of 3 tubes

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Merciful advice your specialist before taking any arrangement. Dull name: Valerato de Betametazona THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS Indicated for the treatment of cutaneous sufferings with discretionary bacterial and/or micóticas ailments and in which it is conceivable that they go to with: atópico, immature and discoide skin aggravation. Moreover psoriasis is showed in prurigo nodular, (notwithstanding psoriasis scattered in plate), neurodermatitis, including lichens essential and level, seborreica, unfavorably helpless dermatitis and by contact, in reactions by mordedura of bug, launch by hotness, butt-driven and/or genital external otitis and interwheats. Betnovate may moreover be used for purposes other than those recorded h

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