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Calcort Deflazacort 6 mg 40 tabs

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Compassionate advice your specialist before taking any medication. Tablets, DEFLAZACORT COMPOSITION CALCORT 6 mgs: Each TABLET contains: Deflazacort 6 mgs CALCORT 30 mgs: Each TABLET contains: Deflazacort 30 mgs INDICATIONS CALCORT cases like element settling to deflazacort, glucocorticoid with smoothing and inmunosupresoras properties demonstrated for the treatment of easily affected, rheumatic diseases, of the colágeno, respiratory, hematological, renal and neoplastic dermatológicas. In light of its saving property of hard calcium, deflazacort can be the drug of race for people who need treatment glucocorticoid, especially those with more genuine peril of osteoporosis. The decreased diabetogénicos effects cause that CALCORT is the oral systemic glucocorticoid of race for diabetic or prediabetic people. Calcort may in like manner be used for purposes other than those recorded in this solution

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