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Cyclo Progynova Progyluton Estradiol Norgestrel 21 Tabs

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Author: Susan Blum MD MPH
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If its not too much trouble counsel your doctor before taking any medicine. (Spanish name, Progyluton) Composition: Valerate Estradiol 2 mg (11 white Pills), Valerate Estradiol 2 mg and Norgestrel 0,5 mg (10 light-tan Pills). Recommended for: Substitutive help of the premenopauses and menopauses issue, estrogenic deficiency after an ovariectomy or after actinic emasculation; menstrual issue, essential and secundary amenorrhea; menopause osteoporosis profilaxy. Cyclo Progynova might likewise be utilized for purposes other than those recorded in this pharmaceutical aide.

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