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EpiQuin Micro Eldoquin Hidroquinone Cream 4% 30 g

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Generous insight your specialist before taking any prescription. Tasteless Name: hydroquinone topical (HYE droe KWIN one) Brand Names: Aclaro, Aclaro PD, Alera, Alphaquin HP, Alustra, Claripel, Eldopaque, Eldopaque Forte,eldoquin, Eldoquin Forte, Epiquin Micro, Esoterica, Esoterica with Sunscreen, Glyquin, Glyquin-XM, Hydroquinone and Sunscreen, Lustra, Lustra-AF, Lustra-Ultra, Melpaque HP, Melquin HP, Melquin-3, Nuquin HP, Solaquin, Solaquin Forte ( Eldoquin Spanish name) What is Epiquin Micro (hydroquinone topical)? Hydroquinone lessens the foundation of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the shade in skin that accommodates it a tan color. Hydroquinone topical is used to lighten zones of darkened skin, for instance, spot, age spots, chloasma, and melasma. Hydroquinone topical may also be used for diverse purposes not recorded in this arrangement guide.

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