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Espaven Susp Inf Dimeticone 100 mg 30 ml

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On the off chance that its not all that much inconvenience guide your specialist before taking any remedy. Mathematical statement: Each ml of suspension contains : Dimethicone ............................... 100 mg . Repugnance and treatment of transient infant dyspepsia achieved by aerophagia . Fart , bloating and stomach distension tyke . Pharmacokinetics HUMAN : Dimethicone is a mixture of polydimethylsiloxane and silicon oxide , exceedingly inert polymers. Antiespumosa surfactant has a property through a prompt movement from the get go strain of the air pockets mucogaseosas responsible for the upkeep of gas in the gastrointestinal skeleton , allowing the split and staying far from the game plan of such air pockets , provoking a carminative effect and fart . The dimethicone is physiologically latent and is not held from the gastrointestinal tract . Does not intrude with gastric release, or with supplement maintenance . After oral association is released unaltered in the compost. Compelling instability to the element substance

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