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Evra Norelgestromin Ethinyl estradiol 6/.60 mg 3 Patches

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If its all the same to you advise your specialist before taking any result. Brand name: Ortho Evra (Spanish name, Evra) Generic include ins: Ethinyl estradiol, Norelgestromin Why is Ortho Evra prescribed?ortho Evra is a prophylactic skin patch. It contains estrogen and progestin, the same hormones found in various contraception pills. Wealth depends on upon steady changes in the levels of these hormones. Contraceptives, for instance, Ortho Evra diminish readiness by taking out the instabilities. At the point when joined with the skin, the Ortho Evra patch releases a persisting supply of estrogen and progestin through the skin and into the course framework.

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