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Pantogar 90 caps

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On the off chance that its not indeed inconvenience guide your specialist before taking any medication. Specific treatment for hair and nails. Every one holder contains: D-Calcium Pantothenate 60 mg;l-cystine 20 mg;thiamine mononitrate 60 mg;yeast medicinal100 mg;keratin20 mg;p-aminobenzoic acid20 mg. Pantogar * is a remedial administrator for hair and nails, oral association. Pantogar * gives the hair and nails reinforcing parts calcium D-pantothenate, the amino destructive L-cystine, furthermore keratin protein substance, which is the most fundamental constituent of the hair. Pantogar * pushes a beneficial effect in distinctive signs of alopecia. Exhibits a change in hair advancement, both from the amount of hairs spontaneously fallen by investigating the hair roots. Pantogar * upgrades hair structure, hair constructs impenetrability to mechanical damage and invention, and also those brought on by light and fortifies hair. Conformities upgrade nail advancement stunningly under treatment Pantogar *. The nails become less delicate and stretch adaptability. Signs: Diffuse (alopecia of dark etiology). Degenerative movements of the limited structure (depleted hair, thin, to a degree adaptable, delicate, dull, dull and dreary), hair hurt by sunlight and UV radiation, foreseeing graying. Diffuses nail improvement (frail nails, broke and possibly adaptable).

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