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Somazina Citicoline 500 mg 10 Tabs

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Merciful guidance your specialist before taking any medicine. Supportive INDICATIONS Cerebral vasodilator. Slightest cerebral brokenness: Helping in the treatment of the cerebral vascular inadequacy. In the cerebrovascular deficiency from his first utilitarian evidences like: inconvenience of obsession, insufficiency of the memory. Progressions of the walk or the dream. Weak cerebral insufficiency: Neuropsíquicas evidences of dilapidated involution like: acommodating disregard of the old one, change of the late memory, modification of the enthusiastic state (strain, forcefulness, sensitivity), nonattendance of energy by the surroundings, uneasiness. Diminishment of the yields of adroit or psychic sort. Motor deficiency. Helping in the treatment of craneo-encephalic traumatisms and continuations of cerebrovascular incidents. Somazina may in like manner be used for purposes other than those recorded in this medication guide

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