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Triderm Betamethasone clotrimazole gentamicin Cream 25 g

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Triderm cream you should apply only for external use. Betamethasone dipropionate, in the amount of 0.643 mg per 1 gram of cream, used as the active substance in the drug. The auxiliary medicinal substance is gentamicin sulfate and clotrimazole. The basis of the cream: paraffin, petroleum jelly, propylene glycol and other components. The form of release can be a cream (homogeneous white substance) and oily ointment. Second one is a white mass with a slight yellowish tint. Notice: the medicine is only for external usage.

Drug action

The agent has a local antibacterial and glucocorticoid effect. Cream and ointment Triderm has an anti-inflammatory effect at the site of application. As well as counteracts allergic reactions and itchy skin. The presence of clotrimazole in the medicine allows the antifungal effect.  Achieving this method occurs when the ergosterol disrupts synthesis reaction. Which is an integral part of the cell structure of fungi. Gentamicin is an antibacterial agent with an extended spectrum of action. Presence of this agent in the cream allows for a strong effect in the local treatment of skin infections. The drug is active against gram-positive and gram-negative microbes.


Indications for use Triderm cream

The cream is used in the treatment of dermatoses complicated by bacterial infection. Also, the appointment of a cream in case of suspected infection. Cream can be used when allergic, atopic, simple dermatitis, eczema or neurodermatitis occurs . Use Triderm cream for various forms of dermatomycosis: candidiasis, dermatophytosis, multi-colored and simple lichen.



The drug is not used if there are contraindications to one of its active components. You should also limit the intake in case of skin tuberculosis, lessions of syphilis on the skin (secondary syphilis). Many infectious skin diseases, in particular chickenpox, herpes simplex, can also be contraindicated. You should refrain from using the cream if there is a reaction at the treatment site after vaccination. The tool is used only for external use, thus, in the case of wounds, burns or postoperative scars, it is better to refrain from using it. It is not advisable to use Triderm cream for children under 6 years of age (use an occlusive dressing if necessary), up to two years of age is prohibited.


Use of cream during pregnancy and lactation

It is permissible to use Triderm during pregnancy only in some situations. For example where the expected effect of the treatment of the mother  significantly  exceeds the potential risks of harm to the fetus. Throughout the entire period of pregnancy, do not use the medicine on large skin areas or for an extended period of time. The likelihood of isolating the active ingredients in breast milk has not been fully studied. Thus, when breastfeeding, you should refrain from using this medication.


Side effects

Rarely may occur a burning sensation, hyperemia, exudation, itching and impaired pigmentation.  With cream therapy it can occur at the site of application. With prolonged use, dry skin, follicle formation with exudate, atrophy of the skin, striae, and the appearance of a secondary infection may be noted. The action of clotrimazole contained in the cream can cause irritation, a tingling sensation, the appearance of peeling of the skin and blisters.



To date, no interaction of Triderm cream with any other drugs has been revealed.


Dosage and mode of application

A thin layer is applied to the problem areas of the skin twice a day (morning and evening before bedtime). The duration of therapy is determined individually, an important condition for its effectiveness is the regularity of treatment. If within 3-4 weeks of treatment there is no clinical improvement, the diagnosis should be clarified.

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