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Vontrol Diphenidol 25 mg 25 Tabs

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Sympathetic guidance your specialist before taking any medication. Vontrol 25mg 25 Tabs - diphenidol Generic Name: diphenidol Dosage Form: Tablets "Vontrol" (diphenidol, Sk&f) unmistakably pushes a specific antivertigo affect on the vestibular mechanical gathering to control vertigo and ruins the chemoreceptor trigger zone to control disorder and spewing. "Vontrol" may cause mental treks, bewilderment, or disorder. Henceforth, its usage is limited to patients who are hospitalized or under proportional, determined, close, capable supervision. Furthermore still, after all that, the specialist should meticulously weigh the benefits against the possible dangers and give due regard for exchange supportive measures.

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