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Vontrol Diphenidol Generic 25 mg 60 Tabs

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If its all the same to you guide your specialist before taking any pharmaceutical. Vontrol Generic 25mg 60 Tabs Generic Name: diphenidol Vontrol Description Diphenidol, α, α-diphenyl-1-piperidinebutanol, is a compound not related to the antihistamines, phenothiazines, barbiturates, or diverse administrators with antivertigo or antiemetic movement. It has this plan: Each round, orange "Vontrol" tablet is debossed SKF and 25 and contains diphenidol hydrochloride relative to diphenidol, 25 mg. Inert include ins contain acacia, calcium sulfate, cellulose, Fd&c Yellow No. 5 (tartrazine), Fd&c Yellow No. 6, magnesium stearate and starch. Exercises "Vontrol" (diphenidol, Sk&f) obviously pushes a specific antivertigo affect on the vestibular contraption to control vertigo and obstructs the chemoreceptor trigger zone to control nausea and retch

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